TNAACS is based upon The New American Academy model. Developed at Harvard’s Urban Superintendents Program (USP) by a cohort of six high-achieving principals (our lead applicant among them) the TNAA model draws upon research-based best practices from across the globe, and has been implemented with great success at P.S. 770, P.S. 274, and TNAACS.

The TNAA model is predicated upon the idea that student achievement is directly tied to the quality of teacher instruction. It is only by attracting, developing, and retaining skilled and talent teachers that significant educational progress can be made. As described by a recent McKinsey (2010) study:

The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers. Research has shown that of all the controllable factors in an education system, the most important by far is the effectiveness of the classroom teacher. The world’s best-performing school systems make great teaching their “north star.” They have strategic and systematic approaches to attract, develop, retain, and ensure the efficacy of the most talented educators—and they make sure great teachers serve students of all socio-economic backgrounds.

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“After many years of searching, I discovered The New American Academy Charter School, which let me know that there is still hope in our children receiving a quality education that is rooted in a real life context. Finding TNAACS felt like divine intervention as it renewed my love of teaching and inspiring others.”
– Olawa Gibson, Master Teacher

“I honestly believe this school has the ability to teach each child at his or her own level in small groups. In addition to the academics, TNAACS is doing an amazing job to foster my child’s creativity, curiosity, love and excitement about school and learning. If you are considering the school, I urge you to tour and talk to current parents. I highly recommend TNAACS.”
– Emma Leveille, parent